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“Working with Chris was a pleasure from start to finish. The proof is that when the project was completed we continued a friendship that began at the house. He thought through every detail, asking questions and making suggestions every step of the way. It was a highly efficient and low stress process and the project was completed on time.”
- Kevin S. Schofield, Monona

“Chris combines the best qualities of a builder and an artist. His flashes of insight in handling construction problems left me in awe. I am enjoying the solid construction of my studio and its excellent lighting.”
- Alexander N. Orosco, Madison

“Whether the project is installing a patio door, or the building of a family’s new home, Chris is an easy choice. His high standards of professionalism, attention to details, and a willingness to listen to clients have been demonstrated to us. We would be happy to refer anyone considering a new home project to Chris Miller Construction. We believe they would be satisfied.”
- Larry and Helen R. Reid, Cottage Grove

“It sure was great to find a builder who started and finished the project on time and within budget. We were so pleased to see our plan for a master bedroom realized, converting our crowded house into a comfortable family home. Thanks a million to Chris and the whole crew!”
- Stephanie F. White, Verona

“I have used Chris for the gradual remodeling of my camp on its way to becoming a cottage over the past six years. He did the work in a timely manner and always offered suggestions and alternative ways to achieve the same result. He came up with innovative methods for solving problems inherent in an older house. His craftsmanship was meticulous and he is scrupulously honest. I will continue to employ him until my ”pig’s ear” is turned into a “silk purse.”
- John M. Walker, Sun Prairie

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